Ruben was born in 1954 Jun 18.

From the beginning of 1990 he was in Yeraskhavan, then in August 20 he was defending Voskepar. In the same year he was 1 of 9 blood sworn friends, who swore to do anything for Armenia. Before Armenian army conquered Ganeretsot, Rouben was the commander in the region of Sevan . From 04.04. 90 he was in KIRAN defending & helping , have done many remarkable things: helping both side of the war in exchange of military prisoners;after that he went to Artsakh to join Artsakh's movement . helped Artsakh's Fedayis with his knowledge in the army He has been fighting in Askeran, Khojalou, Shushi, Lachin, Martakert, where he lost his brother Samvel Fight where many of us lost brothers and sisters but we all have Martakert now. We sacrificed our brothers and sisters lives to gain our country back, which was taken from us years ago. But hard times were still to come, he had took over his brothers' troops ( Sasna tsrer ) commanders post. But physical and mental problems are forcing hem to take paper & pen in his hands instead of commanding the troops .

"Sasna tsrer" group has been a supportive since the very first day for Artsakh and its people. With his 30 members it has been sent to the worst parts of the war, but always came out with a victory.

To those who are not with us today, may their souls rest in peace

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